Choichun Leung is an artist from Wales, UK now living in Brooklyn, NY.

In 2013 Leung began a series of personal autobiographical drawings, this accumulation of work was the beginning of ‘The Young Girl Project’ a visual narrative of a childhood marked by sexual abuse and the lasting effects on her as a young girl and adult.

The drawings were first seen by friends who began sharing their own experiences of abuse. The power of art as a tool for instigating dialogue for advocacy and empowerment began to manifest.

What begun as a single sketch has since grown into a multi-disciplinary art project involving drawings, paintings, film, books, activism and collaborations that gives voice to the silent child.

Its aim is to raise awareness and break the silence around a taboo subject and involve young adults and children into that conversation.

In 2018 Leung partnered with Lux Capta films (First Reformed) as subject/producer of ‘The Art Of Survival’, a mixed media documentary currently in production.

She also collaborated with the composer Lustmord (Tool, Biosphere, Melvins) on a short film installation.






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